Company Overview
Mission Statement

The City of West Allis is a municipal corporation operating under the constitution and statutes of the State of Wisconsin, and the ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City to:

  • Provide cost effective municipal services consistent with the needs and desires of the citizens of the West Allis community (residences and businesses).
  • Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the community within a quality living and working environment.
  • Provide a positive, progressive, and creative approach to the budget, management, and operation of the City

Vision Statement

The City of West Allis will provide a living and working environment throughout the community that is focused on providing its citizens and businesses a coordinated, efficient, effective, and responsive level of services. The City of West Allis will make this community the preferred municipality in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, the state, and the country.
Company Summary
City of West Allis
Number of Employees
500 or more
(414) 302-8270
(414) 302-8275
7525 W Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI